Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Machinelearning-made-easy provides you with answers to your commonly asked questions. You can click on the various areas of products and services offered by machinelearning-made-easy for which you might seek answers to some basic queries.

Who this blog is for? Who is target audience ?

Anybody who wants to start with Machine Learning.  Who wants to learn ML & want some Machine Learning use cases. Somebody who wants to understand mathematics behind each Machine Learning Algorithm.

How this Blog would help me learning Machine Learning?

ML use cases with solution would be posted regularly to help you understand different approaches to one Business problem.

How it’s different than any other Blog / Article ?

The aim is to not just focus on not just on theory of Machine Learning keys concepts but to provide the real hands on also on each Machine Learning topic.

Can I make contribution to Machine Learning community through this Blog/platform.

Sure!! Be my guest to help others with your immense knowledge. Please connect with me to write on some Machine Learning topic or if you’ve some interesting use case for which you’d like to share the solution.

What is that I can expect other than Machine Learning Algorithms and use cases?

Hey, Guess what!! I’d even try to incorporate  SQL , Tableau , Few cloud key concepts to help you with up to date in industry. And besides of these all , I’m committed to help you being your ML solutions on UI using Django , AngularJS/ReactJS etc.

Would this platform help in clearing any sort of certifications in Data Science?

Yes!! I’d help you clearing certifications on major tools that’re used in Data Science community such as Alteryx, Microsoft SQL Server , Tableau, QlikView, Neo4j Graph Database etc. So stay tuned!!