Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing in R and Python

In this article we’ll be learning about Natural Language Processing(NLP) which can help computers analyze text easily i.e detect spam emails, autocorrect. We’ll see how NLP tasks are carried out for understanding human language.

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Visulization tools Tableau , QlikView etc.

A step by step guide with curated list of resources to learn data visualization in Tableau ,Qlikview etc. This blog would help you pass certifications like “Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate” etc..

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Cloud Platforms IBM Cloud , Azure Cloud etc.

Read about the impact of machine learning on cloud computing. … Intelligence which uses machine learning models to learn from data. Build and Deploy Machine Learning programs on the cloud.

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About “towardsMachineLearning”

For those of you, who are wondering what is “towardsMachineLearning”, It’s is an endeavor to connect people with Machine Learning & AI. It’s the platform that encourages people to learn about Machine Learning & AI & their mathematics behind .

“towardsMachineLearning” provides a community based knowledge portal for Analytics and Data Science professionals. The aim of the platform is to become a complete portal serving all knowledge and career needs of Data Science Professionals.

How can this website help?

While the need for analytics experts is clear, the shortage is shocking!

According to the McKinsey Global Institute (In a May 2011 report): “By 2018, the United States alone could face a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills as well as 1.5 million managers and analysts with the know-how to use the analysis of big data to make effective decisions.”

Imagine what would be the number across the globe…

Even further, imagine the impact you can create, if you can learn the art of mastering machines and using them to perform intelligent tasks. This is where this website can help.

If you are an analytics / data science professional, “machinelearning-made-easy” would help you address your knowledge and career needs. This could be through articles, discussions etc.




Next Steps…

So what are you waiting for? Let’s learn Machine Learning & help ML community to build a better world with Machine Learning & AI .


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